Why the Ocean matters to us all. How We Can Impact In A Positive Way.

Why the Ocean matters to us all. How We Can Impact In A Positive Way.

For so many of us the ocean means life, and our very link to feeling alive. The ocean is part of daily life for so many humans across the planet today, from surfing, wild swimming, free diving, and cold water therapy to preserve our mental health. How many of us however are still not giving thought that we are guests there, and that the ocean is a gift to us all, not a birth right. 


For hundreds of years we have been connected to the ocean, but it is only in recent years we have come to the point where irreversible damage is being done with little to rectify it. Our planet depends on the ocean to support and sustain it, but with countless threats from pollution, fishing, global climate change and human ignorance, the threat that we may one day of ruined this beautiful natural resource is a very real one. These threats to the ocean are so extensive that more than 40 percent of the ocean has been severely affected and no area has been left untouched. 

So many of the worlds oceans animals are losing their homes, their way of life, and their right to the place they live, and more needs to be done to educate this new generation of humans. The ocean is an abundant resource that has cured so many of us mentally, provided a lifestyle of enjoyment and thrills, and allowed us to create communities around it, but we owe it so much back. 

A time has come where we as parents especially need to do more to not only educate ourselves on our impact to the ocean and its wildlife, but to pass that knowledge and lesson down to our children. Manao Anu is dedicated to spreading ocean awareness as much as we possible can, and as we continue to grow as a brand to have the most positive and impactful effect we can. We plan to do this through various means, all of which will come to light as we continue to grow. 

Global change begins with small change and we wanted to share our top 5 ways you can have a more positive impact on the ocean. 


1. Leave no trace.

As more and more people visit our beaches and oceans so does the amount of harmful rubbish left behind. If you can take it with you, you can take it away. Teach your children the impact harmful plastics can have on our ocean and wildlife. Take part in local beach cleans. Leave nothing but footprints. Manao Anu plans this year to start monthly organised beach cleans where we can all come together as a community, help preserve our beautiful planet, and spread awareness for the future generations. 

2. Use social media for good.

Social media is a double edged sword, with both the power to cause distance, but also to bring the world together. If you are passionate about the ocean, if it is a huge part of your life, then share it. Use stories, posts, reels, to tell and show those who follow you the beauty of the ocean, but also the devastating impact we as human beings are playing. We are stronger when we come together and by sharing we can teach others how to help our oceans.

3. Reduce your use of single use plastics.

Single use plastics are the single biggest threat to our oceans and wildlife. These plastics never go away, they continue to damage ocean habitat for life. Start making a difference in your every day life, replace plastic water bottles with reusable aluminium bottles, replace your daily coffee order cup use by taking a reusable coffee tumbler, and use aluminium straws instead of plastic ones. Small changes when made on a global scale can change the world. 

4. Explore the oceans.

We are more inclined to protect that which we love. If you are fortunate enough to live by the ocean then get out and explore it, encourage your children from an early age to love and appreciate it. Teach them all about the beautiful wildlife of the ocean, how harmful human behaviour threatens to ruin this beautiful gift to the planet. Knowledge is power and by passing on this love for the ocean future generations can learn that with everything the ocean gives us, we must give back. 

5. Reduce your carbon footprint.

Climate change is real, and it is pushing the world's ocean to the brink. If this is to continue our oceans will become too hot and acidic, and the oceans wildlife will continue to lose their homes if we do not as a human race drastically reduce our carbon emissions. Can you walk or cycle some journeys that you would normally drive? To cut your own carbon footprint, another helpful option would be to start switching to renewable energy in your home. 


None of us are perfect, but we have to do more. The animals of the world and future generations do not deserve to suffer for our ignorance. Come together, make change, and let's make a difference before it is too late. For every second of enjoyment you get from the ocean, give double the effort back to keep it that way.

We are stronger together. 

Manao Anu.


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